i was in this pawn shop where ive bought 3 guitars and ive been looking for a new guitar then i saw one of the most beat up crappyest looking guitar ive ever seen (and my cobain senses where tingaling) and i just strumed it to se if was in tune and it was (wich awas a surprize) and i picked it up and played come as you are i think. and it was the most beautiful sounds ive ever herd so then i played to more songs (hey joe, and polly i think) and it was beautiful so i looked at the price tag it was only 50 dollers so i get like a 10 doller discont couse of all the guatirs iv bougt there.

But ANY WHO i was wondering who has ia bently and if they love it as much as i do
and if you know any web sites about them it was be appresheated if you shared them thanks