What can i do to get that classic rock guitar sound from 6o's and 70's they have an edge to them i just cant explain or find out how to copy.
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*Sigh* You dont have to get a Marshall.. (i happen to think they suck these days, everyone i know that has one always has problems with them)

Learning to tweak your amps overdrive settings (if you have a decent amp) is really all you need. just mess with them untill you get the sound you want.. Of course if you want the "fuzz" sound, then you'll need a fuzz (or a big muff, those work good too) ... Iv got an old fender amp with a great overdrive channel, just by tweaking the settings (gain, mid, base, treb) i can get any style sound i want, blues, classic rock, metal, all with no pedals, or a crappy over expensive marshall.

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