is the G310 or the G400 better?

i've read alot about both and can't decide. help anyone?

G-400 by far. Its made out of mahogany, has a set neck and quailty is about Gibson Faded series.
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It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

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I have an Epi SG. It's a custom shop model made exclusively for Guitar Center. I'm very pleased with the quality. I did replace the pickups with Seymour Duncans and this is something commonly done no matter what brand. My suggestion stays the same. Don't worry so much about the name brand thing, play one and make up your own mind. I own three Epiphone models and they all play well. Do I think Gibson is better? Yes. Will I buy one? Yes I have three Epiphones for what one Gibson costs. Sometimes you have to set priorities and go with what you can afford. By the way, I had some questions about my Epi SG and e-mailed them. I got an almost immediate reply from, Guess who? GIBSON!!
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G-400 by far. Its made out of mahogany, has a set neck and quailty is about Gibson Faded series.

Very well said Gabel.
G-400 is better.
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i realize gibsons kick more ass but i don't exactly have that kind of money.

Not true. Some Gibsons, namely the SG Faded, are horrid. But the G-400 is great for the price and better than some Gibson SGs. If you pop some Gibsons pups in there, you'd have a guitar better than most Gibsons in term of tone. The only Gibson SG I'd ever purchase is a '61 Reissue. Also, if you can get your hands on one, get an Elitist '61 Reissue or a Japanese G-400. Both are of better quality than the standard issue G-400.
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Not bad for my SG at all.
A good clean sound.
Good for rock.
But I think it's weak for metal.
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