this series of programs looks amazing. i really want to go out and purchase the Musition and Auralia packages.

does anyone have experiance with these computer programs or others that teach you theory? any opinions on teaching yourself theory via computer would be great.. becuase its either this or books for me. i think buying the program will be worth it.

PS - Link
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I've learnt mose of my theory knowledge from the internet alone - especially MT in the last year or so.

And I think ear training is best done with just you and your guitar - not a computer programme.

I'd probably give it a try if it wasn't £70+ for the cheapest package.
Mark Levine's Jazz Theory will pwn every program when it comes to learning theory! Perhaps take lessons from a guitar teacher to help put all the pieces in the puzzle? And of course, questions asked here will almost always be answered
i have auralia... i havent really checkd it out yet.. but the interval part was pretty cool, u use ur mic to sing the note ie perfect fifth above the given note.. ill try it out next week..
I have Sibelius but ive never used the theroy learning stuff, i only use it as a composition tool, but i know it comes with theory stuff thats supposed to be top notch.
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