i'm thinking of buying a Behringer GMX212
i know behringer isn't the best brand, but i've looked into other amps and wasn't really happy with them, and its about right for my budget and needs (need an amp that's loud enough for giging in smaller areas)
i play mainly hard rock/metal, and i know behringer is a good brand for this
what are you guys' opinions
If you like the sound, go for it. Just be sure to look into other amps before buying, you might find something that sounds better.
Try out a Roland Cube 30, see what you think.
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Id try more amps, no matter if they are in your price range, cause you may just lack the knowledge of good tone. When I was a beginner, I liked the tone of about anything with distortion, but now I know better. IMO, that amp is ok, I think that it is best to play with a pedal, dist/multieffects...
Anyway, be sure to play it before you buy it and also try playing other brands. For gigging, 50 watts SS is quite enogh, although some people may lack the feel of a 150 watt tube stack