Two distant plains afar apart
Distance doesn't matter.
Their souls swim in Sin,
never touching the clouds.
Distance doesn't matter.

Earth is a scale, Which way will you go
depends on your soul.
Distance doesn't matter.
Always counting.
never relenting,
time takes you away.

Distance doesn't matter.
When your walkin in the rain.
Each drop holdin you back.
Making you think of your past
Distance doesn't matter.

What do u think? Its the first time ive made any lyrics. I might use them but duno what sorta muzic they will go with maybe some soft bluesy reggae.
Two distant plains afar apart

Just change that to 'far' and I won't have any problem with these. I actually like them a lot.

Good work, man =)
yea. the afar changed to far would sound better. i'm pretty sure the reggae bit would work.
"Distance doesn't matter."-hmm, r u trying to send any messages with that? well anyway, i'll say A+!
Awesum and yeh they wer thought up on the spot. Yeh ill change 'Afar' to far. Thanks for the praise i think ill write some more at sum point and post them up.
Looks good, sounds like it'd be good with reggae.

Crit one of my new songs?
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