Im not sure what type of amp would be good for me, i dont care about price as i probably wont get a new one for awhile anyway, id like to have something ot try out and plan to get later..... but all i have right now is an an EXL16R or at least thats what it says on it....

as for what i like

Band Name (Songs) [other]

Greenday (2000 Light Years Away, Burnout, Blood Sex and Booze, Castaway, and F.O.D. are my favorites)

999 (High Energy Plan) [Dont like the singing, but I like the Guitar..]

Rancid (Detroit, Fall Back Down)

The Ad(d)icts (Chinese Takeaway) [not the best lyrics lol, but again like the guitar]

Chelsea (No Flowers)

Buzzcocks (Friends)

Oh and if you havent heard alot of these songs you can download them off seekasong.com (and yes its free.)[the F.O.D. off seekasong.com is paired with a eye of the tiger...f.o.d. comes after it] just Search for the band name or song name...

Edit: Oh and thank you in adavance if im not here by the time you post..
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Whats your price range. My Classic 50 is for sale and could cover all of those tones. Lemme know if you wnat it.
^though i appreciate it, i said i dont plan on getting one yet. i just want to see what people think might be good for what i like, so i could try it in a store.
May cause death if user is an idiot.
Alright man, whats your price range and do you want new or used?
New would probably be better, but I wouldnt mind buying used....but im not concerend with price, as i said, im just wanting to try some as of now. so i cna decide what i want to save for.
May cause death if user is an idiot.