It's not the best, but whatever.
Oh, and you can go to myspace.com/annawelter if you want to hear it.

I was alone
inside my room,
with the walls
all silent blue,
and the shadows from the curtains
were nailed against the wall.

There's always hope
that I am waking,
but we know
hope can be faker
than the fruit you have on your table
next to the plastic flowers.

Oh, oh, I see
my eyes are burned open
Oh, oh, I know
My mind is torn open.
Open, open...

I wasn't hurt,
just a bit distracted
from the truth
I knew, I knew,
that I used to know long ago,
but I forgot with time.
Another note
wrote onto paper,
get a tune
make it catchier,
you can't expect the best from you
if you are full of doubt.

Oh, oh, I see
my eyes are torn open
Oh, oh, I know
my mind is burned open.
Open, open...
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Wow, this is really good (especially from someone as young as you are). Lyrically it's very inspiring, especially the end of the second verse "you can't expect the best from you / if you are full of doubt."

Anywho, I loved the actual recording (normally when I crit lyrics I put it to my own tune, but this helped a lot). My only criticism about the song in general is that in certain points you seem to rush the words a bit. ("there's always hope", et al.). Aside from that I loved it, keep up the good work.