i put a Semor Duncan Hot Rail in my squire stratocaster and i didnt put the sodler in well so it dosnt work but i have some wiring questions, r there different ways of wiring this pickup? what is Phasing, series parrallel, split parallel and all those other wordss, what do those words meen on a guitar how should i wire my guitar for best effect. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP U CAN GIVE ME!!!
What you could have done (though I doubt it) is knocked a wire off in the process of taking out and putting in. Most likely though, you need to solder better. Make sure you drop a piece of solder on what your soldering, then heat up the wire AND the prong until the solder sucks into/against the parts.
k thx ill redo that better now, does anyone know about different wiring stuff
what is the best way to wire it so it has the humbucking effect and works the best, r there more then one ways of wirng, thx
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Theres no point in splitting a hot rails, the coils by themselves sound very weak. The way to wire it is.. Solder the black wire to the switch, where the old pickup wire was. Solder the green and bare wires to ground (back of the volume pot) and twist/solder the red and white wires together and tape them off.
These go to eleven...
This is what all those funky humbucker tricks are called. But first you gotta know something.
You knwo that a humbucker is, basicly 2 single coil pickups kinda "smashed" together right?

Coil tapping/splitting is kinda turning off one of those coils. (The PROPER term is coil splitting. Tapping is somethign different. A single coil trick! )

Now, that we know what a humbucker is, this is what it does. When two pickup s are arranged like that they have a set polarity. What happens is that the magnetic force between the two pickups are kinda.. "In synch" adding to eachothers magnetic inductance without that nasty distortion you can get from overwinding. Yeilding to a nice deep tone.

Phasing is changing the polarity of one of the pickup. So the pickups fight eachother instead of helping eachoter. Giving a weaker, twangier, VERY bright tone!
that helped alot thanks, i resodlerd the joints and it sounds ok but it still hums though?