I looked around for a Nile thread and didn't see one. So does anyone else like them?
I think they sound great!! They have true talent... I just don't like how the media portrays them

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I havent seen how the media has portrayed them, nor do I care. The fact of the matter is that Nile is one sweet technical death metal band. Their song Lashed to the Slave Stick is what I usually have blasting in my car, much to the horror of the outside world :P. Also I love how both guitarists sing and growl away. Their epic 9 minute long songs like Unas Slayer of the Gods are also well made and played, and even more surprising, I saw a video for their song Sarcaphagas on MTV 2! It was on headbanger's ball, but nonetheless I was surprised to see them there. This, along with Black Dahlia murder