hey ive just started guitar with my friends guitar i can play the simple stuff like
wonderwall, hand of blood, back in black, hells bells all those beginner songs
but i need some help on how to advance and whats the next level of songs to learn

i also needed help finding the best beginner guitar and if i should buy one of those starter kits i need some serious help cause im addicted to guitar and i need a guitar in my hands quick
how long have u been playing and can u play all of those songs or just the intros?

about the guitar thing, for my first electric im getting the schecter 006 deluxe...its $300 and great starter guitar...and an incredible started amp would be the roland microcube it has a lot of effects and stuff, so you wont have to get pedals, that is 130...in all 430 if you can get it...if not get the squier starter pack =/ - around 200 there...just dpends on ur budget, which btw what is it
ive been playing for about a monthand can only play the intros and my budget is around 300 - 400
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The beautiful thing about a new guitar player is that you dont know if he will end up becoming a famous shredder, or an underground insane player or anything. Bes tluck to you my friend. I recommend trying the hardest songs you can possibly find as early as possible, and take it nice and slow, and before you know it you will be able to play whatever you want.

A couple of really hard songs for you to learn at this point are:

Exist to Exit - Arch Enemy
This is the first song I learned, and it showed me how to pick really good, etc. I learned to play it keyboard style because I didnt evne know how to hold the guitar lol

Master of Puppets - metallica
The spider riff really is a great workout for your fingers.

Try to learn anything you can, including video game songs, tv songs, whatever, as it all comes into practice. Also, dont really practice excercises as it gets boring, you dont have fun, and you dont learn any musical ideas. learning other people's songs is the best way to go about it, until you become much better and are ready to learn the actual theory. Anyways I hope i didnt overwhelm you, just trying to help. Good luck! Hope to see your recordings on here soon

If you are into metal, or punk, or anything really, you should really check out the Ibanez RG120 for 200 dollars, and then spend 100 or 200 dollars on a decent sized combo amp.
In my experience, guitars with really pointy shapes are never that good. Get something simpler like a Strat or a hardtail Ibanez.
Get a schecter they are much better than the ibenazs at the same price look at omen 6s for a begginer guitar.
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Dude omen 6s are like 300 dollars o.o. And omen 7s are even worse. Ibanez for the horde! YAARRGH. Or a jackson would be kvlt.
My suggestion for the perfect 500$ Rig- Ibanez GRG170 DX and a Roland CUBE 30. Take it down to a Cube 15 or a Microcube if you want to save an extra hundred or so.
Yeah, thats the one. It was my first guitar, and it is a pretty good one. Best 250$ guitar available. And since it's Ibanez, you know it'll be great for metal if your into that.
im thinking about buying the Ibanez GRG170DX
i like it =P haha
so would it be a good choice?
i guess my guitar is the Ibanez GRG160DX =D thanks guys
now i just need a decent amp thats cheap =P ?
It'd be a great choice for a first guitar. That along with the Cube make an excellent beginner combo.

Beats the hell out of a squier starter pack

edit: Like I said before, your best bet for a good cheap amp is a Roland Cube 30 or Cube 15. There is also a Vox one that is similar, but I've never tried that one.
Cubes are all over at local music stores. Try one of those for guitar and amp before buying anything off of the internet.