So, my buddy and I went to Guitar Center today to see what they could hook him up with for a bass guitar starter pack. We got a good deal... A tagged $300 Fender bass, $130 Crate amp, stand, strap, cable, all for $340. He cut is a deal. Well, there was one thing. The guitar is used. But, it looked to be in good condition, and nothing seemed loose or broken, so we said okay. Bought it, came home, plugged it all in...

Now we found out what's wrong with it. Basically, unless the cable from the amp is plugged into the guitar at a certain angle, it cuts in and out, or just out. Unplug it, plug it back in, it works... but if the cable nearer the guitar is bumped, it does it again. We took it apart and tinkered with it, and it just seems that what is happening is that the cable isn't sitting against the metal receptor properly. I could be wrong.

My question is this: Is this something we can replace or repair, or are we going to have to take it back?
really common problem. my brother has two guitars, both have that problem. you probably wanna take it in to have it looked at, but someplace other than guitar center (my bias).
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just take off the pickgaurd and look at the jack and bend the part that touches the tip in a little bit..or just buy a new one..theyre like 3.00 bucks