Ok, how do you find what key a song is in? Like, ok, i make up something, and i write down the notes, then i find the key signature based on the accidentals. Hah, someone told me this, but i don't understand it, could someone explain that, how to find what key a song is in i mean. thanks. :]
the way whoever told you would be the circle of fifths.

In order to this, you basically have to memorize the following:

or you could memorize one and remember the other is the same only backwards.

BEADGCF is the order of flats.
FCGDAEB is the order of sharps.

That means in a key signature with 1 sharp, the sharp is F#.
In a key signature with 1 flat, it is Bb.

now if you also know this, you can memorize the circle.
you will note that the circle basically just starts at C, and then goes in the order of BEADGCF & FCGDAEB. This indicates which key signature has how many accidentals.

And that's your finding the key of the song via accidentals & the circle of fifths.

I personally don't use this method as I find it stupid and useless in terms of understanding.
I analyze the song.
This means I know the chords of the major & the natural minor
(I ii iii IV V vi viidim)
(i iidim III iv v VI VII)

and then I just look at the chords of the song, and decide which key it makes the most sense in.

For example, the chord progression
G, C, Am, Em, G
would, using the circle of fifths method, make you assume it was C major.
However, I would see that and probably analyze it as G major because it, atleast in writing, would resolve on G.
I IV ii vi I in G. Not a good example, but its 1 AM. lol
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I was told, you can oly know what key a song is in if you are classicly train,


thats only if you hear it and not see any music
i can tell a few keys by ear, but the way i usually do it is to input the song in tabs into sibelliusand then convert it to standard notation which genneraly will tell you what key its in.
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