Hi everyone, I just got my first bass guitar a couple of days ago and I am having some problems with fret buzz. I have some buzz happening whenever I press the string down to the fret (the sound of the string striking the fret) and also when I release it. Is there something wrong with my technique, do I have crappy strings, or is it something else? Help is appreciated. Thanks.
It has nothing to do with the strings themselves, moreso probably with the action on the bass. I'm going off guitar knowledge here so bare with me (although my sisters bass which I've been borrowing has some HORRIBLE fret buzz and I can't figure out how to fix it). I'm most likely completely wrong.

Is it a specific strings that are buzzing?
it occurs all throughout, but only in the actual process of pressing the string to the fret and releasing it, not while i'm actually plucking.
its no really big deal. you might hear it in some of the playing of the bands you listen to.
at least i have
I recently bought a new guitar, and when i first played it, it had the buzz, but the buzz has gone away.

i've also gotten that effect on my other guitars, and its gone away with those too.

as far as what causes it, i have no clue, but i believe its the strings hitting the lower frets when they vibrate.
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