Selling a digitech rp50 multi effects pedal with AC adaptor, probly about 10 hours tops on it, box included...everything from amp simulation like recto tones etc...asking 35+shipping to N/A..

DOD FX86 Death metal..asking 20+ Shipping...
any trades for that rp 50?
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not a thing, it has truck loads of gain, my new amp has that now..so no need for it thats all..
if you can hold the rp50 untill the end of this month, i will take it.
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ill buy the dod, im me with your information pleasee. Can you get pics of the pedal for me please? thanks.
I can hang on to the RP, contact me in PM both of you please..and i will get pics...the DOD has an intense amount of gain, perfect shape
hey man, what city in Ontario I'm interested in the RP50. I could even pick it up.
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