I need some help. I've been listening to classical Indian music for about a year now and have really been interested in the Sitar. Unfortunately everywhere I look they're about $800 and up. So my question is, does anybody know if they make like a "Sitar Simulator" or an effect thats similar? If they do can anybody tell me the price, company, etc. Any help would be really appreciated.
Danelectro makes one. I have no idea how it sounds or what the price is, but I have seen it at the House of Guitars.
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The Boss Digital Delay (DD-3), has a setting making your guitar sound somewhat of a sitar.
go to http://www.bosscorp.co.jp/demos/en/DD-3_sound/demo.html and choose "Settings Example" no 3.
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lol if the HOG has it its bound to be somewhere else, especially if its danelectro.
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