Hey, two questions for this thread, first, is there any places where free sheet music is available for download? I'm starting to learn the piano and I'd like to pick songs I want to play that are [hopefully somewhat] popular. Any sites?

Second, what are some worthwhile modes to learn besides the major 7? [Ionian, dorian, phrygian etc]?
Secondly, The modes of the harmonic minor can be very helpful.

Firstly, www.musicnotes.com offers it but only as a very crappy preview, but you can put it in Finale or write it down and get a clearer version. And it helps. lol.

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you can also change notes of a scale to make another to suit your needs i.e. Lydian mode with b7, Phrygian dominant, Locrian #2, Mixolydian b6, etc...
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