i am looking for an amp with great tone, on-board reverb, and at least 2 channels.
i have a spider II 112 right now and i am very dissappointed.
i didnt know enough when i bought it.
my budget is max: 750$, or around there.

i play everything from pink floyd to ambient and progressive.
i like explosions in the sky, and music like that.
i play some folk too, like bob dylan and john lennon
i also like (as an example) the kind of sound that arcade fire gets, that little distortion sound. i havent been able to achieve it on my amp, and i ahvent been able to achieve much.
help me out please.
Get a tube amp with an overdrive. Possibly a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe/DeVille. You'll be able to get that "little distortion sound" with the amp and get hard rock sounds with the overdrive. The Peavey Classic series is along the same lines.

Edit: And the Traynor. Good middle-of-the-road amps.
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^ thats what I was wondering...

I would say the Hughes and Kettner Edition Tube.

20watts all tube. EL84 power section. 2 channels, beautiful spring reverb. 12" Eminence RockDriver Cream speaker. mmmmm