hi, this is a new song i just wrote. it's pretty simple but it sounds ok. tell me what you think about it

it is now fixed!
last one shortened.zip
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hm. I don't like that you used that same progression throughout the song..it made me lose interest because everything started becoming expected. I would suggest cutting out some of your less favorite parts..and writing more..change up the progression and what not.
I actually have to disagree with afortuneinlies. Though the song was somewhat repetitive in some areas, I found that it had enoguh variation to keep me interested. It was pretty much the same progression throughout the song, it still sounded a bit different each time. One thing I didn't like too much, however, was how long the song was. At first I didn't think it was too repetitive, but then as it reached the four minute mark, I admit I was a little tired of listening to it. So I guess I need to change my beginning statement: I do have to agree with afortuneinlies. Maybe cut down the length of the song, and add a bit more variety in the progression. It's good to have the same progression the whole time in some cases, since it gives the listener something that they can easily remember, but when it's used this much, the listener tends to get bored. I still liked the song, but if it was shorter, or had just a little bit more variety, then it could become somethig amazing. I really liked the wide use of instruments. If you have time, could you crit my song? It's in my sig. Thanks, and good job.
I agree...it's obviously a song that builds on itself over time, so you can stick with the one progression; however, I think you need to shorten it up a bit. In addition, I'm not so sure about the ending...on this song, given its repetitive structure, a fade out would be preferable.
a little repetitive, and the arpeggios made it a little off time,
overall, 6/10
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The different instrumentation held off the repetitiveness for a while, but eventually it caught up as the song went on. The solo fit the progression very well, and the instrumentation definately built up the song. However, the ending seemed off from the rest of the song, especially after it was in the same pattern throughout the song. Overall it was good though.

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At times I got bored, and the many changes in volume annoyed me, cuz sometime all instruments could not be heard.
But, I loved the solo, so it's all good.
Thanks for all your inputs.... since everyone is complaining about the lenght and the end, i've shortened it and changed the end.

Check for the fixed version on my first post. thanks.
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this is ok. it gets pretty boring for reasons that have already been mentioned. Also try useing the let ring finction.
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i thought it was a good song, however it was little repetitive and long, BUT! u have done a great job.
it sounded to me like an "epic" song whereas more and more keeps being added to the repetitive progression.
The repetitiveness of the song got to me. But I really liked the solo. I thought it sounded really good and was pretty well written. So...6/10.
That was really cool... I enjoyed it a lot.. All I can say, would be to try cleaning up the "paper"... put things into measures and stuff... But other than that, great. =)
i liked it overall..but it should have built up to something more powerful than what was in it.

i give it a 7/10
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7.5/10 from me. It sounds OK, but could you add some more stuff in the background of the electrical guitar parts, like you did in the end?
The progression started to get a bit irritating after a while, but I like the many ways you used it and how it was executed. Parts of the solo I liked, but other parts sounded awkward. Love how you ended it, it kind of let it wind down from the solo. Overall 7.5/10 from me.
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I liked the song but not the solo. It was too broken and didn't flow to my liking but i really like all the rest. 8/10
Very good. Liked it a lot. Although the part at 1:30 didnt sound quite right I dont know why but it just didnt IMO. The slides especially. The bassline was killer though.
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I really liked it. The way you layered everything was great. My first critical thought was that it was repetitive, but it seems more like an introduction to an album than anything else. 9/10.