I've been working on "thy horror cosmic" by the black dahlia murder and cannot get this riff up to speed :

 Pm    ...     ...    .   .   .   .   .   .       ...     ...    .   .   .   .   .     .

On the parts skipping between the 5th and 6th strings, i cannot get it up to speed, and there is no way to alternate pick this. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i could speed this up?
There is a way to alternate pick it:

Pick up (towards the high e) on the notes on the A string, and pick down on the notes on the E string.

And Grampastumpy, I think it is in drop D, so that won't work.
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Quote by grampastumpy
Instead of skipping to the fifth fret on the low E, just use the open A.

Nah dude that wont work...Its in drop.

Why cant you alternate pick it? I dont have the old album so i dont know how fast it is but i seem to ba able to play it pretty fast. If you cant alternate just keep practicing over and over keeping you hand and wrist as loose as possible until it gets faster. Other thatn That I have no idea.
ya u alternate pick that. or at least it looks like u can from the tab just get the feel for it i think it would go down on 5th string then up on 6th string then repeat
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he mightta thought it cant be done cause of the fingering, but uhh, 3-5-6-8 is a doable strech

and when you get to the skipping from 5 to 5, you could couuld just use the same finger you used for 6 on the A and keep you second finger on the 5th on E the whole time, or bar at 5th
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I can downpick it, with a little more work I'm sure I could do it alot better. If you can't, maybe try hammer ons on the E string. (That would be a little bit of a bitch tho, I must say.)