I absolutely love this band and I've searched many times without finding a thread. I didn't really know which forum to post in so correct me if I'm wrong by posting here, but I would consider them alternative, I guess. Favorite albums would have to be Wish and Disintegration. Please discuss.
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i love the disintegration album as well.
i first heard the band on a muchmusic wedge show. it was a video for "pictures of you", and i loved it ever since.
i think they have been classified as goth-rock or something, but yeah alternative would probably be fitting as well
i like them but have never been able to decide which album(s) to get. i like let's go to bed, pictures of you, six different ways, friday i'm in love and some more. Any ideas for albums?
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I love the Cure! I can go on and on listing the songs that I love, there's just so many. Their songs are so diverse and cover so many emotions.

I started out just listening to their greatest hits, but digging deeper into their albums is extremely extremely rewarding. Now for albums my favorites out of the ones I have are Disintegration and Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. The Head on the Door is pretty damn good too.

I really need to get Wish; all the songs that I have from that album ("High", "Friday I'm In Love", "A Letter to Elise") are brilliant. I dunno, it seems pretty much everything they made through the 80s up to Wish is worth getting...I'm not as big on their new stuff, to be honest, though "The End of the World" was a good song.

P.S. Who else really likes "The Walk"? I really like the "Japanese-y" sound of that song...
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anyway, since the subject is open now, anyone know which reissues are coming out?

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