the drums are worse then mine, haha and thats hard to do. the main riff is wrong, the timing is a off during the intro as well. it sounds like your just talking into the mic, instead of actually singing, so it doesnt sound right. solo's not bad, but you def need to work on it. the ending part of the solo is off a bit too, and it sounds like you make stuff up in it as well. the harmonized lead part at the end seems out of time, overall it wasnt bad, id say work on the vocals a bit more and it will be a lot better.
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Tone/recording quality wasn't the greatest. Intro sounded real rough. Vocals were....different. Work your timing a bit.

Not bad though.
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If you want to do vocals, try covering some Danzig. Metallica just doesn't suit your voice. You have an ok voice though, just need to keep working on it. Crit my cover of the Sailor Moon theme if you want!
Meh. Vocals sounded as if you were making this a parody. Recording quality is poor and it seems as if the riffs are too fast for you to play.
Solo was poor too.
Needs a lot of work.
The 'die' part made me laugh out loud, haha.
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sorry, but that was ****. the vocals were out of key, the quality was ****, among other things.
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I'm pretty sure that was a joke. If it wasn't then I guess you have balls to post this
abomination. If it was then it wasn't particulary funny. On the other hand it sounded like it was played right. The recording quality was like someone grinding a cheese grater into my ears. Sorry
The recording quality terrible. The vocals are...bemusing, to say the least. Sorry man.

General :
You used a lot of treble . You should have put some bass into it.. it sounds like you recorded it in a toilet with an mp3 player. Horrible , just horrible.

The vocals :
Preposterous !

The playing :
The playing was mediocre , but to tell you the truth I couldnt focus on the playing much because of the horrible tone of yours.

Solo : It started prommissing , but you fucked it all up in the process.

The die , die , die part was hilarious.
Dude , seriously , what where you trying to do ?

Conlusion : It sucked donkey balls . I'm sorry . There were ofcourse some well played parts but the whole thing was horrid.
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...never do that again..PLEASE no jk it actually wasn't that bad, the tone could do with some..less treble also ur "singing" isn;t really suited to metallica. imoprove ur tone and scrap the vocals and it would be fairly good

Guys, listen to the song at about 4:12. He goes from the worst vocals ever to possessed, worst vocals ever.

The guitar playing was pretty good, just improve your tone, and the volume leveling, and it will be good. Nice solos, by the way.

Don't sing, please. It'd be better to just talk into the mic on your future attempts, or find a friend who can sing.