Strat usually. The occassional Tele.
But any general single-coiled guitar will do
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There's no "IDEAL" guitar for funk. In general, just about any solidbody or semihollow will suffice. I use a Ibanez AS120TR(ES-335) with the Ibanez WD7 "WEEPING DEMON) pedal and it makes the '70 funk sound quite easily.

Besides, it ain't the guitar; it's the pedal.
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound

would you shut up your not funny....Anyway A Strat or Tele (Fender) would get a great sound for your kind of music.
Strat or Tele, try a few out.
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look at your funk artists and see what they have usually they may have a strat.
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Strats usually. I've seen some using other fender single coil guitars though. Just try a few and find the sound and body feel you like.
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Usually a strat or a tele, but Les Pauls and hollowbodies are used as well. More important is how you play: Rhythm, syncopation, chord voicings, etc.
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound


Go for a Strat. The neck, 2nd and 4th pickup positions are pretty good for funk
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I'd go with a Suhr, really.

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Try out an Ibanez jet king (i prefer the JK2 model)

It's got humbuckers with coil taps so you can switch them to single coils. It sounds amazing.. has a solid mahogany body and a great Ibanez neck.

Plus it's only £200 ($300!!)
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yeah, strat or tele.....standard...work just fine, a tele is a little more twangy..
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i agree with p2fyre, the jetking, it plays jazz/blues/funk/rock like a beast and looks real nice too. i only played the jetking 1 though, and its not in production anymore. the only problem i had with it was the tuners, they were total sh!t and made of rubber or something, i couldnt play a chord without it going out of tune on me. the jetking 2 (still in production) is probably much better, so i wouldnt worry about that.
Strats, gotta be.
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Fender Jazzmaster / Jaguar or Epi Hollowbody with wah. Simple.
also just go to musiciansfriend and search through some effects, that'll make the biggest difference probably
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