I love the avenged sevenfold and i would like to play music similar to them and i was wondering since most of their songs seem to have a very similar feel to them, if there was a certain scale or mode type of thing throughout them...

sorry if that seems like a dumb question but im kinda new to the whole music theory thing and i know each of the modes have a different feel to them... and almost all of avenged sevenfolds music seems to have a common, "theme" one could say.

Thanks much if anyone can help me out.
well I'm a bassist that can play a couple of their songs and I noticed that they seem to do alot of drum roll like things on the rythem guitar and bass, like in unholy confessions where it goes


if you want some other one's that I can't at this time remember message me and I'll think of some others
well not so much that but i mean lately i've been trying to learn the 7 modes and all that, and i noticed that some of them have different feels, like some sounds melancholy for example. I was thinking that Avenged Sevenfold used a certain mode for example?
Not specifically, they don't. They seem to be all over the place, as far as I can tell.
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well, unholy confessions has alot of Diminished scale in it, which is just the alternating half step, whole step, half step, whole step ect.
They harmonize alot, they also tend to use the chromatic scale quite a bit (Beast and the Harlot solo is a good example of this). They use a "gallopping rhythm" as described by Zacky himself, like MIA, listen to when it firsts goes distorted and after the first harmonized riff the rhythm, that's what I'm talking about.

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Here's a quick overview of A7x.

Drop D tuning.
Many of their songs are in the key of D (Minor generally)
Harmony lead lines are common (learn harmonization)
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yeah, they like to use alot of chromatics and diminished rather than most metal bands that stick to minor pentatonic and modal variations on pentatonic such as Aeolian or what have you. if you look at their songs tho, they tend to use only like, two of three different keys. like the guy above said, alot of time it's D Minor. Basically, the intro to Unholy Confessions is alomst every note in the key that they use throughout alot of Waking The Fallen. That album was sooo much better than their new stuff, but whatever.

Edit: Tell ya what, i'm seeing them at ozzfest tomorrow. I'd gladly only watch for what Brian (Synyster Gates) is playing, okay? hahahaha.
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I was just sticking to the simple stuff, I don't what the hell you guys mean by diminished scale and harmonized and all that stuff, but if you get that thats cool