Hey ive been playin guitar for 4 years, seriously probly a year now...and im getting into sweeps...any videos or ways to learn this...i couldnt think of a song off the top of my head with a sweep but atreyus bleeding mascara, emo song but a fun sounding sweep technique. any advice on how to do this or just pretty much start slow and speed up? it seems like a hard technique, will this take me long to learn? any practice riffs or ways of learning? thanks
well I would say don't hold ur pick to hard and slowy sweep onto ur strings with ur pick and just do a sweeping motion once u get that down just improvise if u know how and when u finish the beginning of sweeping the rest should be easy well i'm a noob as well but tha'ts how I started
i tried sweeping once and failed miserably so i still cant do it lol
learn some sweeping shapes and learn the fingering slowly and syncronize your hands so they work together, make sure none of the notes ring together
"Sweep Shapes"? I don't know that there's really any such thing. You can sweep
so many different kinds of things.

I've been focusing on my own sweep technique the past few months. Rythymically,
it's not that easy of a technique that will just take some time. You can make up
your own patterns (I like using pentatonic box shapes for 6 string sweep practice),
or find a ton on the net. When practicing a particular shape I find it very helpful
to vary the rythym using the same pattern. For example, given a pattern, I'll
play it eigth notes, triplets, sixteenth and maybe "groups of 6", and others. The
real challenge with sweeping is in the rythym so use a metronome.

"Sheets of Sound" has a lot of great sweep patterns and exercises.
i guess "sweeping shapes" isn't the technical term, what i ment was learning the basic arpeggio positions or "shapes" if u will. u can start off with a simple three string sweep and then work your way up to six strings. think bar chords cause those are the "shapes" u will be sweeping alot of the time
Look back over the 'steal this video' section on the main page, i think there was a sweeping one a while back.