OK Please listen to the GP5 version of my song. They arent recordings as such but i only want to know if its an ok start to a song. Its my first song so im also looking for constructive critisism. If you hate it and say its **** fine. thanks
River Roads GP5.zip
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
Do you know how to use guitar pro or understand that your measures are filled with too many notes (No clue the correct term but that is why they are in red.) So I am pretty sure everything is off, so I would prefer to not critique a song that isn't correctly played. And I would gladly put my input once I can hear the song the way you intend for it.
No thats it, i used ties to make it sound as if it was all in right bars, i guess you think it sucks.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
No I just wanted to make sure that, that is the way you wanted it to sound. Cause I know when I write stuff on GP I hate when I see that red stuff, and try to change the measure speed or BPM to get it so that I have the music I want. Personally I think it sounds a little to bright for me, but if that is what your going for. And I think maybe play those first 6 measures 2x and have a better transition. I would really like to hear it with a bass line maybe thats what its lacking when I say it sounds too "bright".
I was going to put a bass in but im still learning bass to figure it out, my dad is bettter than flea on bass so im waiting for him to show me what would go well, i have a basic idea. I was going for a light sound, then it was gonna go darker, the length is roughly 7mins full, like Starway to heaven song. thanks, if you want me to crit you that'll be cool.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
Woah if your dad is truly better than Flea on bass you should be fine. If you are going for a longer song like Stairway to Heaven I would suggest not starting off with the strumming but its all preference. I think I will have to get around to writing some of my stuff back up, I wrote on my old friends comp back when he wanted to get into music. Then he quit and took all that work to the garbage bin. Thanks for the offer though.