Is jason white officaly in green day??? He tours with them and im want to know if he is officaly in the band????
As far as I know, all the guitar tracks were done by Billie Joe. Don't quote me on it though.
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According to allmusic.com, Jason isn't credited on the album, and they credited a bunch of other people, so I would say that he probably didn't play on it.
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As far as I know, all the guitar tracks were done by Billie Joe. Don't quote me on it though.


but no, jason white is not in the band. he just tours with them because BJ prefers rhythm and interacting with the audience more.
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What up?

Billie-Joe did ALL the guitar tracks on American Idiot (and every other Green Day album), Jason is just touring with them (and has toured with them since 2000).

Now you're gonna ask: ''Well, why is he in the video of 'Wake Me Up When September Ends''?'
Well, on MTV News Billie-Joe said that he thought Jason should be in the video, just as a friendly favor...

There you go..
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you couldnt be more right and no i dont think jason white did the american idiot album

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