Modern music, is the bane of my life. On the music scene today, what do we have to listen to? Rap music,
Dance, sh*te like that.
Bands and people like;
50 Pence ( or is it cent),
and The Black Eyed Peas, have taken over the music scence beacuse people mass buy the crap that they spout day in and day out.

Now let me take you back 30 years, to the year of 1976, the music scene then was very very different. The big music was ROCK! From 1966 onwards, there was people like;
The Who,
Pink Floyd,
Clapton (on his own) and his other band Derek and the Dominos,
The Rolling Stones,
Led Zepplin,
Judas Priest etc. I joke that I was born 30 years too late, the sad thing is, it's true. I now have to grow up with the **** I said above. I have to be called names because I'm a rock dinosaur, I have to listen to ill informed (self proclaimed) chavs as they sit there and nod their heads to dance, and laugh as a real song like We Will Rock You comes on. The rock industry today is non-existant, and I think that is b*llocks. I want any who agree with me, to turn up their amps, and play the hardest, heaviest rocks riffs, in the middle of those hip-hop suckers.
Just what this website needs, another ignorant classic rock fan.

Hip-hop is good music. There are lyricists in hip-hop that are deeper, smarter, wittier and more relevant than AC/DC and Aerosmith could dream of being.
Dance is good music. Electronica in general is good music. It takes skill and patience to make.

Hell, there is still a massive rock scene, and what's more - it's even easier to get involved in than it was 30 years ago! We have the internet, better media coverage, countless mailing lists and fan clubs...

And about growing up 30 years ago, would you have loved to grow up around, say, disco? Disco was bigger in the 70's than rock.

Oh man, you're a joke. Open your ****ing eyes.
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me: no, nor woman neither... nor women neither.