G'day guys I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put it in.

But I have abit of a dilemma, My friend has offered to swap guitars with me. Atm I have the Japanese Epiphone Goldtop as seen in the picture. (not as flash as some guitars you guys own ) haha anyway

He is offering to give me a Japanese Epiphone 61' reissue SG and Kramer from the early 80's for the Jap Epi Goldtop and $300aus. What do you guys think I should do?
Does it sound like a good deal?

Sorry for the big pictures.. What would you guys do?
what do you play? Does the lespaul suit you tonally? Will the SG or Kramer be a good guitar for you? Answer these questions and you should see. I would personally go for it, since I play metal and that Kramer calls for some uber metal modding. But a les paul is a les paul...


Do you own both Lespauls in the first picture? If so, I would definitely go for it.
ues trade for two guitars and then you can buy a better agile goldtop for only $370 at http://www.rondomusic.net/al-3000goldhum.html

do it and then youll have two guitars while you save for the new goldtop then you can brag to your friend how he basically just gave his two guitars away for really cheap and how your new agile goldtop is better than the crappy jap epi hahaha. do it!

EDIT: dont pay extra 300 for the kramer. just trade LP for SG then spend the 300 on that agile goldtop.
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Yeh i own both les pauls, teh 2nd one one the right is just a korean made one though but has been modded. the goldtop sounds similiar..

I play a mix of the usual, Guns n roses, Van Halen (well try to) , Metallica, Black sabbath, Killswitch engage..

Thanks for the reply mate.

Edit: haha yeh i'd get the agile in a heartbeat if i could get it sent to australia somehow =(
Well, do you really like your Goldtop? Do you feel like you need the SG more than it?
If it was me, I wouldn't trade, that Goldtop is amazing, and it's Japanese made.
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Yeh i love the goldtop. But I'm just thinking its a pretty good deal, and would give some versatility kind of thing. I'll take on board all what you guys suggested hehe.

its a pity they don't make good kramers anymore.
If you love the Goldtop, there's a huuuuuuge chance that if you do the trade, you'll regret it forever, don't do it!
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

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I would not do it.
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I would in no way do that trade. If you really like your paul then don't trade it for an epi sg, just buy one yourself.
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i would , love vintage kramers
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