I recently bought this Ibanez GSR-205 and while it suits me pretty well for my needs, I've been really thinking about defretting it..
Can anyone point me to some detailed guides outlining defretting a bass? Preferrably something safe? (So that if I screw up, it's not like I would've killed my neck:p
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Thanks guys..
Just one question, does anyone know if the Ibanez GSR-205 (Or Ibanez basses in general) has the frets glued in or not? I want to know exactly what to get to get those frets out safely and with minimal damage.
Also, a friend of mine claims I would need to get new pickups, but I have trouble believing that because removing frets wouldn't change the frequency of the sound.... or would he be right? (I know I have to get flatwounds, that's for sure :P)
When I defretted my old squier, it didn't have it's fret "glued," oer se. They had these little ridges on the side that was in the neck, and I am assuming that that is how they were kept in. Your bass might be different, but I just pried mine out, and it works like a dream. Except it's a squier, so...yeah. Good luck.
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you can keep your pickups. You can epoxy your fretboard to save $$ on flatwounds (so you can use roundwounds.... ya dig?), the frets are most likely glued in, but even if they aren't, it's a good idea to heat up the frets with a soldering iron.
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