got a small prob with my floyd rose. Its on an ibanez rg270.

The problem is that when using the tremelo, sometimes it doesnt completely return to the correct posistion, leaving it out of tune. I have 3 springs on it now but they arent that tight.

So does it sound like a spring tension prob? Should i remove 1 of the 3 springs and make the 2 remaining tighter?

That guitar is equipped with an ILT1/Lo-TRS bridge, which isnt good. I'd suggest you follow these steps 1st before purchasing a new bridge/anything else. Its always good to get a new string up (stretch it properly before you lock the nut, i could not stress this more) and you have to know the proper way to tune up the floyd rose system.

Always make sure that your locking nut/string lockers are tight and in-place, commonly ppl neglect this.

Follow the 1st step, if that doesnt work, proceed to the next:
1) Lubricate your trem posts using lipbalm/chapstick
2) Change the 3 spring settings at the back, rather than just | | |, you can try / | \, or || \ or | |.
3) Remove all the springs and change it to a new one.
4) Change the trem posts

After you've done all those 3, if it still out of tune, then it'd be your bridge. You could purchase a new one (an Original Floyd Rose/Schaller Licensed) but i'd suggest you get the Gotoh Licensed ones coz they're relatively cheaper and uses very good material. Or if you wanna try and salvage ur trem, you gotta sharpen the knife edges back
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Anyway, he's right. The springs or the knives would be the worst things to work on...
If the springs have overstretched and need changed, changing them is all that you can do.
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