Earlier this day i was knocking out some VH on my Rg1570, divebombs, harmonics, etc when i noticed that my Edge Pro tremolo was making a squeaking noise. Upon inspection, it's coming from the cavity that you insert the whammy bar into. More specifically it makes this scratching sort of noise when i turn the bar around.

Now i wondered if anyone else has experienced something similar with their tremolo unit (Edge Pro users specifically, i don't want to read about problems people have with their lower end soft metal trems). Is there any way to stop this noise, as it's really winding me up and I have considered putting a little bit of oil or grease on the bar then putting it in but am concerned this could have some bizarre adverse effect on the guitar?

It's also worth noting that this problem does seem to be the bar in the tremolo, rather than the actual tremolo as it holds tune perfectly and has yet to show any signs of wear.

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Its probably just the washers inside/arm bushings (the white teflon thingy). There are 2 washers inside so you could experiment in removing one of those and see whether it is to your liking. Also, make sure that the arm is properly inserted till the end, not just half way or half-quarter way. If this problem still persist, you could try replacing the arm bushings or if you want cheaper way, just use lipbalm/chapstick and lube a little on the arm bushings.
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<snip> ... just use lipbalm/chapstick and lube a little on the arm bushings.


Moisture + plastic = squeaky arm. Happened to me a couple of times. A drop of machine oil, and it goes away.
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cody: probably what these guys are saying. if that still doesn't fix it, maybe contact rich at www.ibanezrules.com ?
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Thanking you guys for the help, i'm about to have a look for some of that lipbalm, or if it comes to it, oil. One other thing worth mentioning is that there is a line around the bar where it has clearly worn against the side of the hole. I assume this is down to the bushings but thought it worth mentioning.
Hmm, personally, i wouldnt use motor oil, grease or any sorts of dripping lubrication coz it will run inside the arm compartment and may go inside other things when you shake it up. It would work with the right amount but i just find petroleum jelly based lipbalm to work perfectly fine and will not run.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
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