being much inspired by tom morello of the old rage against the machine and the current audioslave...i like pedals, and ive been told i use them well, i try to make the best sounds i can with them to add even more flavor

so heres what i got:

----->digitech hot rod distortion
----->crybaby wah wah
----->boss super-chorus
----->boss flanger
----->behringer ultra phaser

now what should i buy, i was considering a whammy pedal, for its multiple effects and like morello, but ive played one and i dont think id use it all that much

and also a delay seems like a good choice

i play hard rock, metal, funk, alternative, and similiar sounding music

suggestions on what to buy????

Look into a Delay though if you like morello i would suggest a whammy. Look into the Visual SOund H20 it has CHorus and Delay then you can get rid of your current chorus the H20 is much better than the boss stuf and its only one pedal so you save room
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I'd think the delay would be a good idea

hows the crybaby? ive been lookin for a wah
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The Whammy is essential if you want to play Tom Morello riffs. I was in a RATM cover band for a while and the Digitech Whammy was one of the first pedals I had to buy. I agree with you though, about usefulness. Now that my Rage band is done I don't have much use for it. Delay is good probably a good option because it's so versatile and can be used in any genre.

SplinterGuitar, the Crybaby is fantastic. I basically consider it the staple of all wah's. If you're looking for a wah I would say it is basically required that you try out a couple of Dunlop's and Vox's, plus whatever else strikes your fancy.
i agree with you about the whammy becoming uneccissary, cuz im sure id use it but for $200 for a song or two, a friend of mine has one and i dont think he has ever used his, (possible to get from him cheaper maybe, then possibly worth it)

and to the other the crybaby i have is wonderful, i just have the basic one cuz it fit me perfectly, but they make several different ones, a hendrix one, a classic, ones to change the wah-wah tone, or you could roll SRV style with a Vox, dunlop has also put out signature ones for wylde, dimebag, and slash, so if you like theres check em out

i paid 80 for the chorus and if i cant get a good trade in or buyer ill probably keep it... if so what delay would you suggest?

and also thanx for the feedback
Yeah, you'll probably have a fair bit of use for a delay pedal. Or maybe even an EQ pedal. Both are very usefull.
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