I don't have a bass, I just play guitar. I was thinking about eventually picking a bass up at some time. Can you tune 5 string basses E-A-D-G-B? or does it have to be B-E-A-D-G?
When I first got my 5-string it was tuned to EADGB..
It was pretty tight though, so I imagine it's for the average pick bassist...
BEADG is a lot more comfortable though.
You can tune it however you want,whatever fits your playing style. If your going for heavy metal or jazz, the low B really helps. If you are soloing and playing a lot of cords,tapping,etc then EADGB(or EADGC) whould be the ideal tuning.
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yea, most people do BEADG, but EADGC is an option. its a little harder to find packs of strings for the high C over the low B
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