Verse 1
We pushed the boat into the bay
And left a trail of stoic mourners
standing mutely in our wake.
We came to find what we could see
but we go blind and in a daze
Disappoint and unsure as no one else will hear our plea.

Do you ever wonder what's on the other shore?
Do you ever scream for an echo
and pretend it's something more?

Verse 2
The fog envelopes and forgets
Calm and deadly like a cobra
laying softly on its nest.
The water lives but we're too far up
we can't see a thing at all.
We cover more ground on the ocean
but it still is not enough.

Thoughts? comments? suggestions? Let 'em fly and I'll return the favour.
- PunkFish
This is a nice song you have here. I thought it was very original. The rhyming scheme worked very well also. By the way, what kind of music would this go along to? Blues was the first thing that came to mind, but that's just me. Anyways, keep up the good work.

Crit mine please

I Love Your Show
not blues, make it rock....the chorus is very good, i really liked the 3 simple questions, the verses are good two, but i loved the chorus, good job

if youre critting back, links in sig
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