How would you finger this? I would usually use my first, third and fourth fingers but I was just interesed in how other people would do it
Well, the 10-12-13 would be with my first, third and fourth fingers, while the 9-10-12 would be with my first, second and fourth fingers. The second pattern is just the same, only 5 frets higher, so I'd use the same fingering
it may be difficult to jam your fingers up at the 18th fret unless you have jumbo frets, so instead of 1-3-4 i would use 1-2-3...but maybe that's just me
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Yeah but its harder to transist on the third string isnt it, also I find it harder to play with my first, third and fourth than my first second and fourth fingers, expecially playing up with speed but playing down its ok
you need to do finger exercises that builds up those two fingers so they work together properly
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