My candidate for "it" indie band next year. The debut cd is Gulag Orkestar. Ithink the one-man band was an british college dropout who travelled europe digging other countries sound. The result is an album full of accordians, trumpets, trombones, keyboards, guitars, uekelales.


the three available songs are arguably the best on the whole album. My favorite is "Scenic World", but dont forget to check out the other two also.
Yeah, he did the travelling alone when he was 16 or something I believe. Nutter.

It is a good album though. Only managed to listen to it a few times before it got drowned out by a selection of oddballs that I got earlier this year though.
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the debut CD, Gulag Orkestar, didnt have guitar in it at all.
such an amazing band, my favorite at the time.
postcards from italy is amazing.
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yeah that is a great album, haven't picked up any of the various EPs yet though.

I heard he tried to take it on the road and failed miserably at first. I dunno about the show now.

dunno about the "it" band, but I've heard a lot of people talking about them in teh last couple days for some reason.
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Great man/band. It has inspired me to buy a ukelele.

I love the album cover of 'The Gulag Orkestar'.
october 9
the flying club cup
Quote by tracklisting
00 "A Call to Arms"
01 "Nantes"
02 "A Sunday Smile"
03 "Guyamas Sonora"
04 "La Banlieu"
05 "Cliquot"
06 "The Penalty"
07 "Forks and Knives (La Fête)"
08 "In the Mausoleum"
09 "Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route)"
10 "Cherbourg"
11 "St. Apollonia"
12 "The Flying Club Cup"

Note: track 00 appears on the official track listing.
perhaps? of course
i really can't wait for the new album
supposedly it sounds more french
I've heard the whole new album, it is amazing.
Jesse Wants To Die Just As Much As You Want Him Dead
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I've heard the whole new album, it is amazing.

better than the first one?
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I've heard the whole new album, it is amazing.

i have it pumpin in my stereo right now, great stuff
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i like gulag orkestar a lot

postcards from italy is an incredible song
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I love the Lon Gisland EP, it's great.

Also, check out The Real People's(Zach's previous band) The Joy's of Losing Weight, a MUST for any Beirut fans. It is very different from the Balkan sound of Beirut, but it has Zach's distinctive voice and some trumpet's here and there. I think it's near impossible to find a physical copy of it, but you can find it on the internetz.
Havn't heard much yet, but im really diggin' elephant gun at the moment!
Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside..
I love beirut. Unfortunately I only own Gulag Orkestar, but I've also heard Lon Gisland a good amount. I'm planning on getting his newest CD later today actually, I'm very excited. A good friend of mine knows him as her good friends older brother.
I'm just discovered Beirut recently. They are truly refreshing. .
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I love the Final Fantasy cover of 'Cliquot' among every song by Beirut.What a refreshingly brilliant band.
god... i see some really old posts in here... i didn't know there was a beirut thread in here.
^^ The Flying Club Cup. Standout tracks are A Sunday Smile, The Penalty and Guyamas Sonora
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