Bonjour mighty forum of metal, I request your assistance.
Récemment , I started getting into Satyricon [specifically, the newer stuff].
Now my sources say this is some form of "Black Metal", using the mighty arm of wikipedia I quested to find other black metal bands.
Having heard it, I was dissappointed to find that alot of these bands seem to favour this "Lo-tech" recording style, which is apparently key to the style. Unfortunately, it isn't for me, I tend to enjoy being able to hear the music in all its dark glory.

So in short, do you know of any bands who are black metal stylin that use a more clean and well produced recording style, much like Satyricon's later albums?
Thanks in advance.
Check the reccomendation thread. This will get closed. But before it does:

Dimmu Borgir, Agathodaimon, (newer) Emperor, (newer) Immortal, Enslaved, Windir

Those are all good starter black metal bands
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Check the reccomendation thread. This will get closed

Erk sorry about that, I used to see threads like this all the time around here, perhaps thats why there aren't anymore. Well thanks all the same.
You might want to check out Dissection. And if you do, listen to songs from the albums Storm Of The Light's Bane or The Somberlain.
Yeah I don't know why some of these bands think that sounding like shit makes them more true and underground.

It's one thing to sound like shit because you can't afford good recording equipment. It's entirely another to sound like shit because you think it's selling out to have a nice sounding album.

I never understood how not sounding like Bigfoot with Diarreah is a bad thing....
Rec thread.

BUT, Satyricons last 3 albums have all sucked unbearable amounts of commercial penis, so looking for 'black metal' will not get you very far if you want something similar.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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