years ago I ripped my larrevie bass apart so I could smooth out the edges and paint it(it was this horrible corvette/mustard yellow)anyway over time and quite a few moves I lost the pots but I got a couple different ones about 5 of them,Istill have the pups emgs in a p j setup both have a red wire and a white"wire within a wire"first question is are these active?cuz I cant remember,I do have an active pot setup if they are.
next question can someone PLEASE show me how to hook it all back together?even if I can get one pickup woking I'll be happy,Ive already searched google for a diagram but I must be looking in the wrong places
What do you mean, "wire within a wire". If theres a white, with a metal braid around it, and a red, then yes, they're active. you can see how to wire them here. You'll also need a stereo jack and a capacitor.
These go to eleven...
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thanks alot jim I looked at the diagram and everything made sense it is active just didnt know how to explain the "braided wire"thing
does it matter what kind of capasitor I need?I have like three different ones
I'm not sure, I do guitars, lol. I guess it could be something like 1uf. Is there anything printed on them?
These go to eleven...
they're all different one says 2A over 104K,another 104M over 25U,0047k over 250,and the last one just says k100