I have a few problems with our band:

1. We don't have a drummer and everyone that we have tried has sucked.

2. A lot. (A LOT!!) [Like Seriously the whole town] Knows about our band and they want to hear us soon. So we can wait to hear us but too long they give up on us.

3. the other guitarist wants to play a birthday party on August 19th. Me and the bassist have practiced a lot but the other guitarist has never come to a practice. And we don't have any mics. We wouldn't get paid but we would earn respect and get discovered.

Yea if anyone knows how to solve any of these problems please help.
so... the whole town knows about you...
but yr waiting to be discovered...?
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All music is emo to some extent so stop whinning about it.
if you have no drummer, and your "other" guitarist has "never been to practice," what the hell are you going to accomplish by playing at a birthday party in 19 days? if you do play it save face and make it an acoustic set with you and your bassist and don't try to pull it off as half a band.
if your other guitarists never shows up to practice then kick his ass out, and uh get a drum machine.
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You know, I really love when people say people want to hear their band when they don't even have one. That's just talking up a storm.

You did the smart thing by calling it off.
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