for 500-600 what would be the best buy for a bass amp?

for bass i usually play funky and progressive, so i usually like to have a lot of high end, but not tinny

hmmm, i would go with a carvin combo, but they are a little over 600. so if you are willing to save up more, go with carvin, if not, gallien krueger would be the way to go
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buy the behringer bx4500h head and ba410 cab. i think i bought mine for around $550. i love it and it is LOUD. i can shake my entire house with the volume on 2 1/2.
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Behringer are some of the poorest manufactured bass amps around, don't get a behringer if you want quality good tone, and somehting that will last a whle
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look around the used market, craigslist seems to be a good place for bass equipment, i'd say find a nice used Laney, Trace Elliot or Ampeg.