Timmy the Gearhead was a mighty fine man who didnt have a place to stay
He didnt like people when they looked at him so looked and turned the other way
When he turned around he saw something that changed him from that there day

(Guitar Solo)

Its was an angel Timmy thought but he knew that cant be true
Her hair was curly and her eyes were a beautiful dark blue

Timmy asked the girl what is your name and she answered with only a kiss
Now Timmy knows never to go into those dark rotten corners of bliss


Timmy got back to work working on cars that he knew and loved
He was a gearhead by nature but he didnt like wearing gloves
A BANG was all Timmy heard as the truck came crashing down
Timmy was underneath that truck and now his soul is not around\
As soon as I read Timmy the Gearhead I thought Tommy the Cat.

I stress originality, so my opinion may be biased towards not liking it.
Well I liked the beginning though I think the line s are a bit too long, but if you can put it into music, no problem.
But I didnt like the ending... sounded like you didnt want to write anymore... like "alright now, I have to find a ending, so he must die" Because I dont see the correlation between the angel he meets (thought it would become a lovesong or something) and the truck which rolls over him....
Perhaps Im just too dumb, dunno....
Same here. I like the lyrics in a way.

But I don't get the connectiong with the angel and him dying. Maybe it was some sort of foreshadowing?
i like the way it goes, but the ending seems way to forced....
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WE agree with everyone up there^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. lines are too long. forced ending. other wise cool.
thats it.