Hey ermm if theres another thread about this could someone direct me pls =) well me and my friends and up some riffs and they went well but after them we have no idea at all what to do for the verse. its a metal song, fast riffs, so if any one could help me that'd be great =) ?

any ideas or anything people have in mind could you please PM me.
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you can play something similar to the riffs but keep it simpler so the vocals wouldn't be too crowded. something like that usually works.
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just jam on the riffs you have, and see if anything you come up with flows with the ones already written. that way you wont be forcing riffs together.
So its a thrash/death riff,right?Well try to write the lyrics first and then the riff would be much easier to be found...Another way is write the the lyrics and then find the chords that fit to the lyrics.Sorry for my English... crying_flower@mail.gr anyone who wants to talk on metal music is welcome
ok thanks everyone =) next time i get with everyone we might hav something to put together now =) i was expecting some replies to be very offensive seeing as some people on here seem really stuck up =P but you guys seem fine thanks again =)
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