Would it be possible for a band to play many diffrents forms of music, and still keep a steady fanbase?
I ask this becouse, I got like... heavy metal, thrash, hardcore, punk, indie riff and song ideas and...yeah.
Sorry if this is hard to understand. I've been up for 23 hours now.
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Possible? Maybe.

Practical? Not really.

There are too many different guitar tones spread across those types of music - you'd end up switching guitars after every song or two! So, unless you've got either (a) a good collection of guitars, amps and effects that you can switch out quickly or (b) an insane road team, I'd say don't try it.

But then, I could be wrong.

yeah youd have to figure put how to mesh those ideas cohesively into single songs pretty much or else youd have to have a whole lot of equipment, plus itd be pretty hard to keep a good consistant fanbase that way.
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Everyone's gonna say you're a sellout or something if you change styles too much, you won't be a sellout but everyone will accuse you of being one.

But give it a try. Sounds interesting.
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there are more bands with those styles blended together than you think i.e. any metalcore band you can think of
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You could yea, but you'd have to combine them in a way that makes them, sound as if they were one genre.
Say like your indie riffs, rip out the distortion, or use it as a clean part in the bridge or interlude, just d i c k around with your riffs until you are satisfied with how they blend.
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Same here, if we can get going........

I just kinda play what sounds good to me, and tell that to my guitarist/vox person so pretty much, we sound like Misfits+Immortal= Really f*ckin weird. And my drummer (if he isnt dead yet) can play everything, so yea......
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Combine your influences - just play about with different ideas and try to get them to come together as something cohesive.
the chilis are a great example of this, they play soooo many genres, but in quite a lot of their songs these are combined into their own genre. I think the most important thing is to find a sound that you like and play it, if that means your band plays 4 different genres, then do it! it worked out fine for RHCP!
Who the sh.it cares about a fan base? Just play what you want. You could mix in any kind of genre if you think it sounds good.
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I was wondering the same thing myself. There's no law that forbids it. A band doesn't have to be stuck to one genre of music.
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i like this question, mainly because this is what i do!! i have songs that have a definite industrial vibe, some that sound like old school metal, some that sound country-ish, i've got about 20 songs that are mixtures of techno/dance type stuff with bass and screaming guitars..... i've also got stuff that sounds like classical pieces, blues, i try to mix everything in and i will say your fan base won't be HUGE HUGE HUGE, but you will definately get the people that have an open mind and appreciate music for what it is...... however i gotta say 'kid rock' did this superbly by mixing many different genres together on 1 album which i really enjoy (devil without a cause is tha SH!T)