Anyone? since kings of pop i havent heard anything about them. Someone enlighten me as to what happened to them
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I wish I knew, they were a pretty good band....

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The last I heard of them was on a Drive-Thru sampler I got after the last Warped Tour Coheed played. After that I have no idea. Why not just try Google?
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I remember they had an EP out like 2 years ago, and that was the last I heard of them
I pretty much LOVE Home Grown, but sadly, I discovered them after the fact.
Maybe they'll climb out of whatever hole they fell into and make another album? Doubting it though....
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Home Grown were actually really good when I was into them, not so much anymore but I too am curious as to what happened to them... didnt one of them leave? maybe the rest of the band broke up aswell? Im not really sure...
too bad i thought they were pretty koo too... along with all most of drive thru records... what happen?