Hey guys. I have been playing acoustic for about 6 months and my little brother traded me his telecaster (Well... traded as in I bailed his *** outta trouble and then bought him a new cell phone, and he doesn't play guitar anymore).

Anyway, I believe this is the model here, same color and shape, but not '06.


Now I am not very knowledgable on electrics yet, and I won't have an amp for a few weeks, so I want to know, is there a certain sound or style the telecaster is best at? I always hear "Yea, for that kind of sound, you'll want a Strat" or something, but whats a telecasters place in the world? What about it's sound makes it different?

Also, I have always loved the certain sounds achieved by the guitar in such songs as:

Floyd - Money
Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
311 - Love Song (lead)
Chic - Le Freak (May not be any effect, just style though)
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown

Am I set-up for the right gear so far? (I am getting my brothers amp, its like a Laney Hardcore or something, and I'm not able to buy a new amp yet, so I am mostly concerned with the tele and what kind of pedal(s) I am looking for)

Any information is very helpful, thank you in advance!
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Try out a Tele in a music shop and compare it to a Strat, see what you think of them.

But a Tele will do those styles, a Strat would aswell...

And Teles generally have a "twangy" rock'n'roll sound, and sound glassy and smooth in the neck position.

And for a wah (which you only mentioned in your title...) get a Vox wah.
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The tele is a very versatile guitar. You should be able to most of those tones, Floyd and Hendrix both use Strats so you might not nail their tones but you'll get close. Great guitar.

For a wah I'd strongly consider the Snarling Dogs Whine-O wah. Very good sweep, several different tones available, and sturdy construction make it a great buy. The newest iteration is true bypass as well.
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