I want an epiphone g-400 guitar but i saw the vintage is $100 less. I read that the only difference is the finish which i really don't care about cause i like the worn look. Also i read that the neck is heavier than the body is? Should i get the G-400 or the vintage.
non-vintage g-400, i think
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Depends on your budget. They're both good guitars.. and SG bodies are fairly light so that could be true that the neck could be heavier than the body.
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i have the regular g-400 and its great, the neck is a bit on the heavy side but thats the case on any sg, epiphone or gibson. If you like the look of the vintage better go with that its the same guitar except for the pickup selector switch is a different colour and the headstock and body are made to look, vintage. They both sound the exact same (i've tried them). With the headstock problem usually what does the trick is having a good strap, a thick leather or suede strap works great and will usually fix the headstock issue. If that does not work you can get someone at the guitar store where you bought it and ask them to move the strap button down about an inch or two. Hope i helped.