i've been looking into getting a noise surpressor to stop my setup from instantly giving me feedback when i let go of the strings when i'm cranked up. right now i'm looking at either the Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal or the MXR M-135 Smart Gate Pedal. i was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on either of these or another pedal i should look at. thanks.

it looks cooler

haha, j/k.
but My pick would be MXR cause I've had good experiences with it at live shows.
Go for an ISP Noise Decimator. It's way better than either of those 2. It'll cut both amp and pedal noise without affecting your tone.
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^ +1.
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Yep, its definitely the best pedal noise gate by far. ANd it costs less than the MXR. IM getting one very soon
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I have yet to try the ISP Noise Decimator but from what a lot of people on UG say, its the best noise reduction system.

it is.. but you didn't ask