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Boss DS1 Distortion Effects Pedal
16 76%
DigiTech Hot Head Distortion Pedal
5 24%
Voters: 21.
well i've decided to trade in my rp100a multi fx pedal for a wah and a distortion. i don't think i'll get too much money for the pedal, so i gotta cheap out a bit. i have narrowed the choice down to 2, so i need your help on which one would be better.

Boss DS1 Distortion Effects Pedal

DigiTech Hot Head Distortion Pedal

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me 2, the boss DS-1. i just got one on july 4th this year and i like it a lot. not sure of the digitech.thou ................
i know i pretty much stand alone here but i like the digi better for a couple reasons

but first let me say that you cant go wrong with the boss, good quality, great tones, and i mean satch has one (though ive seen him use his amp alot more (so possibly look into amp distortion too))

but i tried about 10 different pedals and in the end i like the digi best for its various sounds and also boss is know for having good construction which they do, but the digi is even tougher, holding a batteryless digi and would weigh more than the boss with a battery and then some, so itl take a little more tear body wise, as for electronic wise ive had mine for some time and i travel with it and have dropped it ect. no probs, but same goes for boss

but as i suggest to most ppl buying something new, try both, and see which one fits you

p.s. i have 2 other boss pedals (flanger and super-chorus) and they are great
get a boss ds-2
it has 2 functions, a ds-1 setting, and a TURBO (ds-2) SETTING
so basically its two distortions in one, and the turbo setting kicks ass!!!
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i think boss is a better name, but i have a digitech pedal and its great. the low and high knobs are great for descifering between solo's and lead guitar riffs. personally i would go with the digitech, only because it is more versitily.