Hey all,

I have a Japanese Fender Jazzmaster guitar which came with the usual crap stock-pickups that are standard with these re-issues. I set about changing the pickups by first getting a gibson SG-style Humbucker fitted in the bridge position (that was a couple of years ago) and more recently a very nice Seymour Duncan Hot Jazzmaster pup in the neck position.

At the time I got the humbucker fitted, all I knew was that I needed a hotter, louder pickup and thought it was the way to go. However, since then I've learned a thing or two about pickups and have come to love genuinely good single-coil pups like the Hot Jazzmaster one.

Thing is, though, that humbucker looks AMAZING where it is on the guitar and I don't want to lose that shine (I know, I am very vain!) So I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could find a really good single-coiler like an extra-hot p-90 or something that would either fit into the casing of this humbucker, or which comes with a nickel or chrome cover, that would at least match the output of the Hot neck pickup?

Any help would be well appreciated, ta - Graham